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Why Use TIMs?


Why Use Thermal Interface Materials?

The performance of electronic devices is constantly improving but with this evolution comes greater power consumption and heat generation. If heat cannot escape efficiently, the performance of the device suffers. To transfer heat effectively, the introduction of SinoGuide Thermal Interface Materials becomes necessary. SinoGuide's material properties combine high thermal conductivity, flame-retardant properties for heat resistance, and electrical insulation. These requirements are becoming very important qualifications in the electronics industry. 
 To remove or reduce the air gaps, thermal interface materials (TIM) shall be used between the 2 surfaces

Thermally Conductive Filling Materials

Silicone based thermal interface materials contain a high ratio of thermally conductive ceramic fillers. They exhibit outstanding thermal conductivity because they conform well in the gap between the heat generating device and the heat-sink.

SinoGuide Thermal Interface Pad: is available in standard sheet sizes, die-cut pad, or tape rolls.


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