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Sinoguide become a leader in providing traditional lighting companies with solutions that use LED as a light source. As a design engineer with additional experience in thermal management Justin.Li knew that he could be helpful to other design engineers that needed assistance with their designs to avoid overheating.

Longer life. Better color retention. Consistent output.

These are the benefits of using SinoGuide's thermal pad in your LED lights. Our thermal pad products provide high thermal performance with exceptional long-term reliability. thermal conductive pad with adhesive and Insulator products thermally conduct and electrically insulate the PCB so that the heat is efficiently transferred to the heat sink.

Silicones have long been known for durable dielectric insulation, as barriers against environmental contaminants and for their stress-relieving shock and vibration absorption. They can sustain their physical and electrical properties over a wide range of temperature, humidity and other harsh environmental conditions.

Meeting Challenging Needs

Capitalizing on these basic properties, SinoGuide brand silicone based thermal materials can be designed to meet the challenging needs of the LED market, including high adhesion, high purity, moisture resistance and thermal stability. 
For your needs on assembly or protection of LED-based lighting modules, check out our extensive Thermal Interface Materials product line.

SinoGuide brand silicone LED materials can absorb stresses caused by thermal cycling inside the package, protecting the chip and the bonding wires 

sinoguide tims in LED

                                                                              TIM application in LED

Medium to high power LEDs are constantly evolving, although the need to remove heat from that LED remains constant. SinoGuide's focus is to lower junction temperature of the led by using a direct thermal path. lower junction temperature increases LED life, LED brightness, lumen output, product reliability and can even reduce dollars per lumen.

led thermal management


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