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CPU Silicon Thermal Grease/Heatsink Compounds

PU silicon thermal Grease/heatsink compounds

Our Perfect Thermal Conductive Grease

• CPU silicon thermal Grease 
• grey thermal paste 
• Computer heatsink compounds
• Helps disperse the heatfrom CPU


This thermal grease paste is suitable for CPU heatsink or chip, and it is syringe design for easy operation.


Syringe design for easy operation.
Helps disperse the heat from CPU to heatsink effectively.
Suitable for CPU heatsink or chip.
High temperature resistance. Non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive.

Primary use: Thermal coupling of electrical / electronic devices to heat sinks. Special properties: High conductivity; low bleed; stable at high temperatures.

Color: Grey;
Paste weight: 30g / 1.1oz;
Thermal conductivity:  3.0W/m-k;
Thermal resistance: 0.009°C-in2/W;
Item size: 2 * 7.5cm / 0.8 * 3.0in (Diameter * L) ;
Item weight: 32g / 1.1oz;
Package list: 1 * 30g Grey Thermal Grease Paste
Shelf Life: 2 Years from the data of manufacture at 25
MOQ: 100kg

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