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We specialize in developing world-class thermal management materials for use in electric vehicles, motors, LED lighting and other power electronics, such as DC/DC converters and solar micro inverters.

Thermal silicone insulator caps are made of silicone filled with highly thermally conductive ceramics. Depending on material gauge, the all-round electric insulation of the components ensures maximum protection against electrical breakdown while reducing total thermal resistance to the cooling element, heat sink or chassis. SinoGuide thermo-silicone caps are available in dimensions compatible with standard casings TO-220, TO-3P and TO-247. 

RoHS certified TO3P TO220 High Thermal Conductivity silicone Insulator cap for electric component

High Voltage Thermal Insulator Cap silicone elastomer products are specially used for heatsink electronic parts for insulation and thermal conductive purposes. Simply slip on to the heat sink for great insulation property.


 UL certified flammability rating.
1.2 W/mk High Thermal Conductivity

 High conformability and cost effective
 Excellent electrically insulating mounted applications




 Between heat-generation Component and heatsink.

 Automotive engine control, Graphices Cards, Telecom device.
 Wireless Hub,Military equipment, power supply.
 Cooling Module, Thermal module.
 Telecommunication Hardware


Color  Pink Visual
Thickness (mm) 0.229;0.30;0.45 ----
Hardness (Shore C) 80 ASTM D2240
Tensile Strength (Kg/cm2) 60 ASTM D412
Continuous Use Temp (℃) -60 to 200 EN344
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage (Vac) ≥4800 ASTM D149
Dielectric Constant (1MHz) 6.6 ASTM D150
Volume Impedance (ohm-cm) 6.5X1010 ASTM D257
Flame Rating V 0 UL 94
Thermal Conductivity (W/m.k)  1.2 ASTM D5470







Below info will be helpful for your right application

How to transfer or dissipate the heat from the heat-generating components to heat sinks?

How To Select the Right Thermal Interface Materials for your new application?

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