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Efficient thermal transfer depends directly on the ability of thermal interface materials. SinoGuide specialized in Thermal Management since more than 15 years. Thermal pads answer problems of thermal waste by compensating for the irregularities between your electronic and your frame to favor the heat transfer and minimize the thermal resistance.
efficient thermal transfer
Poor thermal management leads to more than 50% of electronic failures. The failure rate for electronics increases exponentially with the increase in junction temperature. Specifically, the failure rate of an electronic device doubles with every 10°C increase in chip junction temperature. The ability to transfer and dissipate heat generated at the chip level directly affects the system's reliability.
Efficient thermal transfer depends directly on the ability of thermal interface materials to fill in all interfacial voids and avoid creating internal voids of their own. Thermal interface materials must also have outstanding thermal conductivity. All of Sinoguide's thermal interface materials of thermal gap filler pads, thermal adhesives, thermal greases, thermal gels and compressible phase-change thermal pads are engineered and manufactured to satisfy these criteria. Sinoguide's thermal interface materials products are designed to both optimize heat transfer and improve the reliability of electronic devices during thermal cycling.

The Main Difference of SinoGuide Brand Gap Filler Pad

The thermal gap filler pad selection guide and comparison tables: 

application guideline
The tables will help you find the material that best suits your application needs. Also, if any help is necessary, simply contact us and we will be more then happy to assist you.   They are naturally sticky and available in different sizes and versions. Here, we propose to you some of our high runners, but our range of products is wider

The demand for telecom equipment industry is currently driving TIM market. This is mainly because of the huge demand for thermal interface pads & material in this sector.  Moreover, the usage of thermal pads in consumer electronics and power supply units is rising. APAC is the biggest Thermal interface pads & material market, followed by North America and Europe.


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