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Phase Change Gel Materials (PCM)

Phase-Change Interface Material(PCM) Phase-change interface materials are characterized by the materials change from solid to soft aggregate state at a pre-defined temperature - the so-called phase-change temperature.Phase change materials


Thermal Silicone Caps - Thermal Conductive

The cap made of silicone filled with highly thermally conductive ceramics. Depending on material gauge, the all-round electric insulation of the components ensures maximum protection against electrical breakdown while reducing total thermal resistance to the cooling element, heat sink or chassis


TCG250 Thermal Conductive Grease/Thermal Interface Material

Features: 3.0 W/mk Thermal Conductivity,Good Thixotropism Soft and ultra high compressibility for low stress applications Higher viscosity compound than grease, it eliminates the bleed, separation,pump-out dirtly other parts usually...


TCP100 - Thermal Conductive Pad/Cooling Soft Gap Pad

1.00 W/mk thermal conductivity,Economical, Electrically Insulating, Thermally Conductive, Soft Tack Elastomeric Material


TCP600 High Heat Conductivity Thermal Gap Filler Pad/Cooling

Between heat-generation Component and heatsink. 6.00 W/mk High Thermal Conductivity; Low Thermal Resistance at; Low PressureNaturally tacky for easy application


High Performance Thermal Interface Tape

Features: 1.2 W/mk Thermal Conductivity High conformability and cost effective Double-sided, pressure sensitive adhesive tape Applications: Between heat-generation component and heatsink Mount heat sink/spreader onto drive process/power con


Silicone Silver Color Thermal Conductive Paste

Our TCG500 Perfect Thermal Conductive Grease TCG500 is an excellent one-component heat transfer performance of thermal grease with low volatility, low bleeding haracteristics, excellent resistance to high temperature performance


High Performance Insulation Thermal Transfer Adhesive Tape

1.2 Thermal Conductivity Thermal Transfer Adhesive Tape from Sinoguide


TCP150 Die Cut Thermal Conductive Pads Thermal Gap Filler

Die Cut Thermal Conductive Pads Thermal Gap Filler TCP150; 1.5 W/mk thermal conductivity; Low Thermal Resistance at Low Pressure; Easy assembly and application


TCP500 Thermal Gap Filler Pad/Heat Transfer Pad

0.25mm~15mm Thermal Gap Filler Pad/Heat Transfer Pad; 4.50 W/mk High Thermal Conductivity; Sheet size:200 x 400mm, 350x350mm , individual parts available


TCP500 High Quality Thermally Conductive Pad for Cell Phone

4.50 W/mk High Thermal Conductivity, High Quality Thermally Conductive Pad for Cell Phone


High Performance Thermally Conductive gap filler pads

High Performance Thermally Conductive gap filler pads from SinoGuide Technology. Ultra High Thermally Conductive Pads with Exceptional Dielectric Strength.


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